Saturday, September 4, 2010

Not My Blog-Joanne Mattera

I have been working hard the last two days cutting and preparing panels for paintings.  And in between this physical labor and sweaty heat I have been reading different art blogs.  One in particular that I enjoy reading and find helpful is Joanne Mattera's Art Blog.   Joanne is an encaustic artist who lives in New England and exhibits across the country.  As a full time successful artist, she writes about art shows, fairs and other art venues she visits, plus post photographs of other artists' work  from the exhibits.  Often on her blog are articles she has written about  how to advance one's art career which I find helpful.  She does not mince words and speaks her mind with humor which I like.  So see for yourself and visit her at:

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  1. Judy,
    Thanks for the shout out. I'm always glad to learn that people are reading and appreciating my little addiction, er, blog. Since you appreciate the way I speak my mind, let me say that I am not an encaustic artist (it's a term I've been railing against for years). I am a painter who often works with wax. I, myself, am made from flesh and bone.

    Also, I divide my time between Massachusetts and Manhattan, not a major issue for the average New Englander, but a sticking point for any self-respecting Manhattanite. ; - )