Monday, March 10, 2014

The Armory Show in NYC

The 2014 Armory Show :

My first time going to the Armory Show in NYC and here are a few of my favorite paintings I viewed.

"Still Life with the White-Red Tomato" (2013) by Raimonds Staphrons, oil on canvas.

Looking at this painting in person I could see all the rich textures, subtle and not-so-subtle colors which activated the surface. I wish I could of gotten a better photo but actually seeing a painting always engages more of the senses.

"Half Salmon" (1961) by Wayne Thiebaud, oil on canvas.

 I am drawn to the physical plasticity of Thiebaud's paintings, how he juxtaposes chromatic grays and complimentary colors to create a vibratory effect. The surface becomes more than surface and has a life of its own.