Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sun Ablaze (IMAGO Holiday Gallery Exhibit

6" x 8" encaustic on panel

Local inspiration with some local color interpretation.  This is one of the four encaustic paintings of mine that will be part of the Holiday Invitational Exhibit you can see at the IMAGO Gallery in Warren RI.   The reception is December 3rd,  Friday 7-5pm.  For info go to their Facbook link:    IMAGO GALLERY     A beautiful gallery with some great artists, and a fun little town.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Latest Paintings for aution on Ebay

"Chicken Snacks"
Acrylic painting Magnet
1.75" x 1.75"


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Plane Time

4.5" x  7" Oil on Panel

This is the 2nd oil painting in my "Hardware Series" of tools, etc.  I have alway loved old wood planes: their beautiful wood handles, worn from use, against the streamlined steel metal parts; and to top it off, finely machined brass knobs, etc.  So I decided to pay homage to this little block plane that I have and put it in the spotlight as my model for an oil painting.

No Ducks/ Pond and fall foliage

oil on panel

I really had to work on simplfying this landscape of many shapes.  For me, learning to stop working on a painting is sometimes a challenge.  By continuing working (to get it "right"), my mind tricks me.  What is "right"?  Why does that idea have a hold on my mind, sometimes stronger than that of the painting itself?  I may ruin the raw energy or kill the painting by continuing to work on it, but not realize it until too late.  (That is however one of the benefits of working in oils: scrape or wipe the surface, and I get a second chance!)  With "No Ducks", though, I realized early on that it was finished.

Thank goodness.