Monday, December 29, 2008


6"x 8" oil on panel

A quiet moment for painting in New Hampshire on a camping and hiking trip. 100 years after the Impressionists, painting en plein air is still a challenge, even with the modern comforts of automobiles and electric coolers and down sleeping bags, etc. How did Monet, et all ever do it? (In fact, I think they were far better off without some of our so-called "conveniences"!)

Lemon Reflections

6" x 6" oil on board

One of my favorite recent (still-life) paintings, in terms of achieving what I wanted: using thick, buttery impasto both to convey a lusciousness of surface texture (so you're aware of the paint), but also to convey the reality of the objects shown. This was particularly challenging with the smooth, transparent surface of the glass, as you might imagine, so I'm pleased with the result.